2022-09-21 13:22:25

Introduction and working principle of air compressor automatic drain

The automatic drain is used to automatically drain the condensed water from the lower part of the pipeline, the oil-water separator, the gas tank and the bottom of various filters. It can be installed in places where manual drainage is inconvenient, such as high places, low places, and narrow places. It can prevent the compressed air from being re-contaminated by condensed water due to the forgotten artificial drainage.


Electronic and physical automatic drains

The automatic drain has electronic and physical. The principle of the electronic drain is: the opening and closing of the electromagnetic valve can adjust the time and cycle of the automatic drain opening by setting the switch above.

The physical drain is to open the drain by the buoyancy of the buoy in the drain. The liquid level in the drain rises, the buoy rises, and the valve opens automatically.

Electronic automatic drain

The electronic automatic drain valve is matched with the electromagnetic valve by the analog circuit solid-state electronic timer to realize the timing and automatic discharge of the condensed water in the compressed air system. It is widely used in compressed air system components such as screening programs, separators, dryers, air tanks, dripping feet, etc. The discharge time and interval time can be adjusted according to different needs.

working principle:

There is an air bottle <equivalent to a balloon> in the automatic drainer. In an anhydrous state, under the action of air pressure, the air bottle blocks the water outlet.


The water accumulates in the drain, and after reaching a certain water level, the buoyancy is greater than the air pressure, the air bottle floats up, the drain is opened, the water is discharged under the action of air pressure, and the buoyancy decreases, and the air bottle descends to block the drain.