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Advantages and disadvantages of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

Although the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is the hottest product in the air compressor market today, it has become a hot spot in the industry due to its energy-saving and high-efficiency characteristics. But it does not mean that it is the best. As the so-called "gold is not bare, no one is perfect", the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor also has its shortcomings. just excellent

The point is much bigger than the disadvantage, and it just meets the needs of current air compressor users.

Let's take a look at its advantages:


Significant energy saving: The biggest feature of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is energy saving. The general energy-saving effect of Aigo permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors reaches more than 30%, which mainly depends on the working conditions and the parameters of the inverter. When the user's air pressure is unstable and the fluctuation range is larger, the energy saving effect will be reduced.

the better.

Stable air pressure: Because the air compressor utilizes the stepless speed regulation feature of the frequency converter, it can start smoothly through the PID regulator inside the frequency converter, and can quickly adjust the response when the air consumption fluctuates greatly.

Low operating noise: Compared with ordinary air compressors, permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors have less vibration and low noise, and are suitable for use in more occasions.


No inrush current at startup: the inverter itself covers the function of soft start, the maximum startup current is within 2 times of the rated current, and the startup impact is very small. The power frequency start is generally more than 6 times the rated current. When the power grid capacity of the factory is limited, the switch of the air compressor will be tripped.

It can realize constant pressure air supply: ordinary power frequency air compressors can only work in one displacement, while permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors can work in a relatively wide range of displacement. According to the actual gas consumption, the motor speed is automatically adjusted in real time, and the exhaust volume is controlled. How much gas is used to produce how much gas, use gas

When the volume is low, the air compressor can automatically sleep, which greatly reduces the loss of energy.

After the advantages, let's take a look at the disadvantages:


Demagnetization risk: The motor used in the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The main disadvantage of this motor is that it is afraid of demagnetization. The magnetic steel determines the demagnetization. If the motor is in a high temperature state for a long time, it is easy to demagnetize.

Maintenance trouble: In addition, compared with ordinary screw air compressors, the maintenance of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors is relatively more troublesome. In the maintenance process of the machine head, the motor must be disassembled before the machine head can be disassembled. Professional tools are also required, and professional personnel are required to carry out

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