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The role of pressure sensor in air compressor system

In the safety management system, pressure sensors enable side airbag control. The air compressor safety management system is also an area where sensors are widely used. There are two solutions for the control of the side airbags of the air compressor: the acceleration sensor and the pressure sensor. Authoritative data shows that, compared with the acceleration sensor, the pressure sensor is nearly 3 times faster than the acceleration sensor in detecting side impact, and the probability of misoperation is smaller.

It is worth mentioning that the miniaturized sensor uses micromachining technology to integrate micron-scale sensitive elements, signal conditioners, and data processing devices on a single chip. Due to its small size, low price, and easy integration, it can improve the system test accuracy. For example, by integrating a micro pressure sensor and a micro temperature sensor, and measuring the pressure and temperature at the same time, the pressure measurement can be eliminated through on-chip operations. temperature effect. At present, there are many micro-sensors available.

The intelligent sensor is equipped with a special computer, and its rapid development has improved the safety performance of the air compressor to an unprecedented height. With the development of microelectronics technology and micromachining technology, sensors are developing in the direction of miniaturization, multi-function and intelligence. Industry experts are optimistic about the development prospects of air compressor sensors in China. They believe that the increase in the number of air compressors and the increase in the number of sensors used in each air compressor determines that the market capacity of sensors in China will continue to increase.

China's sensor market is entering a period of vigorous development


Air compressors are necessary equipment for various factories, road construction, mining and construction industries. They are mainly used to provide a steady stream of compressed air with a certain pressure, such as supplying air to pneumatic valves, and supplying air to processes that require a certain pressure of gas. Gas source. There are many types of air compressors, such as screw air compressors, piston air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, scroll air compressors, etc., and screw air compressors have great market potential and are used in many industry is widely used. The air compressor uses a loading-unloading valve to control the air supply of the air compressor. Due to the difference in the working cycle of the air-using equipment or the production process, the air consumption fluctuates, sometimes causing the air compressor to be frequently loaded, Uninstall. After the air compressor is unloaded, it still runs at power frequency, which not only wastes electric energy but also increases the mechanical wear of the equipment, and the loading is a sudden process, which will cause a greater impact on the equipment and the power grid. Therefore, the frequency conversion transformation of the air compressor has the effects of improving the startup and operation of the motor, reducing the mechanical wear of the equipment, and saving electric energy within a certain range.

Application of pressure sensor in air compressor control system


Taking the single screw air compressor as an example to illustrate the working principle of the air compressor, the working process of the screw air compressor is divided into four processes: suction, sealing and conveying, compression and exhaust. When the screw rotates in the casing, the screw meshes with the grooves of the casing, the air is sucked in from the air inlet, and the oil is also sucked in. Due to the rotation of the meshing surface of the grooves, the sucked oil and gas are sealed and transported to the exhaust port; During the process, the meshing gap of the tooth groove gradually becomes smaller, and the oil and gas are compressed; when the meshing surface of the tooth groove rotates to the exhaust port of the casing, the high-pressure oil and gas mixture is discharged from the body.

The frequency converter can be used to change the exhaust volume by changing the speed of the screw rotor. When the air consumption changes, the frequency converter can adjust the exhaust volume of the air compressor by changing the rotation speed, so that the exhaust pressure is constant and energy is saved. the goal of.

In the air compressor control system, the pressure sensor installed on the air outlet pipe at the rear end of the air compressor is used to control the pressure of the air compressor. When the air compressor starts, the loading solenoid valve is closed, the loading cylinder does not act, and the inverter drives the motor to run without load. , the air compressor runs with load. When the air compression starts and runs, if the air consumption of the back-end equipment is large, and the compressed air pressure in the air storage tank and the back-end pipeline does not reach the upper pressure limit, the controller will actuate the loading valve, open the air inlet, and the motor will run under load. , and continuously generate compressed air to the back-end pipeline. If the back-end gas-using equipment stops using gas, the compressed air pressure in the back-end pipeline and the air storage tank gradually increases. When the upper limit of the pressure is reached, the pressure sensor sends an unloading signal, the loading solenoid valve stops working, and the air inlet The filter is closed and the motor runs without load.

When the air compressor runs continuously, the temperature of the main body of the compressor will increase. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the system is set to 80°C (which can be set by the controller according to the application environment). The fan starts to run to reduce the working temperature of the main engine. After the fan runs for a period of time, the temperature of the main engine drops, and the fan stops when it is lower than 75°C.

At present, the pressure sensors on air compressors commonly used in the market can be used not only in air compressors, but also in water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, buildings, HVAC, petroleum, automobiles, etc., OEM factories.

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