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How to solve the problem of screw air compressor loading without pumping

After the screw air compressor is started, the internal pressure should be established quickly. The compressed air should assist the user to complete the task. If the pressure of the screw air compressor is very slow, the air compressor is likely to fail.

General reasons for air compressor loading without pumping:

1. The intake valve is not opened:

When the air compressor is started, the internal pressure will be slowly established. When the pressure reaches 5Bar (the majority of air compressors are like this, except for special cases), the intake valve will be opened by the solenoid valve control cylinder, and the air compressor will inhale air into the loading state. There may be three reasons for the air compressor not to intake air. Solenoid valve (circuit, valve body, pipeline), cylinder (valve disc or diaphragm, seal, pipeline), intake valve (valve disc or diaphragm, seal, pipeline) failure.

2. Fake loading of air compressor:

The main reason for the false loading of air compressor is that the output point of PLCC is faulty, and the PLC is running loading state. Because the output point is faulty, there is no signal to the solenoid valve, resulting in the intake machine does not operate. Maintenance of PLC should be professional air compressor maintenance engineers, non-professionals do not recommend disassembly.

3, minimum pressure check valve failure:

The minimum pressure check valve is the easiest to determine whether there is a fault. When the pressure in the machine is very high, but there is no pressure output, the minimum pressure check valve can be determined to be faulty. Minimum pressure valve fails the best thing to do is change.

4. Failure of the main engine of the air compressor:

Air compressor host malfunction is one of the most difficult to solve, the host malfunction are:

1) Yin and Yang rotor wear: When there is large wear between the Yin and Yang rotor and the stator cavity, the internal leakage of the air compressor is very large, and the air compressor will be loaded without pumping;

2) Air compressor lubricating oil: the price of screw air compressor special oil is slightly higher. Some illegal suppliers provide users with non-air compressor special oil, which emulsifies air compressor lubricating oil and prevents the formation of gas seal, resulting in very low efficiency of air compressor and even no gas production. This time and space compressor operator can hear that the noise difference between the vast majority of air compressors in the actual completely no-load and the actual loading is very large, mainly the noise at the suction end is very obvious. When the internal leakage is large, the suction end has noise changes and does not produce pressure, which can be sure that the air compressor is lazy and not pumping. Air compressor loading without pumping is a common air compressor fault. General professional air compressor maintenance personnel can help you quickly solve this problem.

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