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Silent Energy Saving Oil-free Water Lubricated Screw Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing Medicine and Food

Working Principle

Single screw air compressor is the new type of compressor in the world. Its basic principle is that a cylindrical screw and two symmetrical plane star wheels make up meshing pairs. Usually, there are six spiral grooves on the screw, and each star gear will

divide the spiral groove which is engaged with it into two spaces. The working process of the compressor is realized separately. Because of two star gear, the single screw compressor is equivalent to a six cylinder double acting piston compressor.

 For the cylindrical screw and two star wheels are symmetrically arranged, it has an idealforce balance, therefore, the axial force and radial force can be canceled by each other. This is the most fundamental and reliable guarantee for a machine to operate without fault for a long time.


1. Oil Free ----Totally Oil Free

Oil free water lubrication screw air compressor is a kind of compressor that provides clean, pollution-free, 100% oil free screw air compressor, its zero emission can protect the environment efficiently.

2. Water ---- Lubrication, Sealing and Cooling

Ideal isothermal compression     High efficiency (large air delivery)

Low temperature compression    No need the intercooler and after cooler

Low rotation speed     Low noise, low vibration and no need the overdrive gear

 Low viscosity of lubrication water Easy to be separated with the air

3. All stainless steel pipe : Simple ,non-corrosive,non-polluting,high reliablity.

4.Single Stage Compression ,High Efficiency ,and Energy Saving ,and Easy Maintenance: Single stage compression makes the structure easy.

Compression efficiency is higher than the two stage dry air compressor.

Less consumable parts, easy to be disassembled, reduce the maintenance cost and time greatly.





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