250kW 350hp Oil-free Water-lubricated Screw Air Compressor

Oil free water lubrication screw air compressor is a kind of compressor that provides clean, pollution-free, 100% oil free screw air compressor, its zero emission can protect the environment efficient

  • Working Pressure:8~12.5[ bar ]116~182[ psig ]
  • Free Air Delivery:28.6~1535[ cfm ]0.81~43.5[ m3/min ]
  • Working Power:7.5~250[ kw ]10~350[ hp ]

Product Details

7.5~250kW PM VSD Oil-free Screw Air Compressor for Pharmaceutical Industry

Oil-free Water Lubrication Screw Air Compressor Working Principle

Single screw air compressor is the new type of compressor in the world. Its basic principle is that a cylindrical screw and two symmetrical plane star wheels make up meshing pairs. Usually, there are six spiral grooves on the screw, and each star gear will divide the spiral groove which is engaged with it into two spaces. The working process of the compressor is realized separately. Because of two star gear, the single screw compressor is equivalent to a six cylinder double acting piston compressor.

For the cylindrical screw and two star wheels are symmetrically arranged, it has an idealforce balance, therefore, the axial force and radial      force can be canceled by each other. This is the most fundamental and reliable guarantee for a machine to operate without fault for a long time.

Product features

1. Optimal water lubricating screw unit
The oil-free water lubricating screw unit adopts PEEK ultra-high-strength ultra-wear-resistant molecular material and
aerospace-grade all-stainless steel rotor. The rotor and housing are made of stainless steel, as are the system piping.

2. Class 0 Oil-free
Water is used for lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise reduction. 100% oil-free and pollution-free, the used water is
environmentally friendly and can be discharged directly.

3. Reliable Solenoid Valve
ODE solenoid valves are selected, with sensitive response and small power.

4. Less consumables and easy operation
Air filter and water filter only. Lubricating water is automatically replenished and drained regularly.

Application industry

Oil-free water-lubricated air compressors are widely used in food, medicine, electronic products, chemicals,Aerospace, semiconductor, precision spraying, bioengineering, medical equipment and other industries.


Technical Parameters

Oil-free Water Lubricated Air Compressor
ModelAir Delivery (m3/min)Power (kW)Lubricating water amount (Liters)









Noise dB(A)Outlet diameterDimension (mm)
8 bar10 Bar12.5 barL*W*H
RW-30A/W5.124.433.6330407.01 1/2"671 1/4"1550*1150*1550(A) 1500*1150*1300(W)
RW-37A/W6.305.334.7737409.01 1/2"671 1/4"1550*1150*1550(A) 1500*1150*1300(W)
RW-45A/W7.406.305.56459010.01 1/2"682"1980*1300*1760(A) 1800*1300*1670(W)
RW-55A/W9.608.557.675512012.01 1/2"702"1980*1300*1760(A) 1800*1300*1670(W)
RW-75A/W13.0011.509.707512018.01 1/2"732"2100*1600*1900(A) 2200*1500*1800(W)
RW-90A/W14.8013.9012.609018020.01 1/2"732 1/2"2400*1600*2000(A) 2200*1500*1800(W)
RW-110A/W19.8516.6615.5611018024.02"782 1/2"3000*1700*2250(A) 2200*1500*1800(W)
RW-132A/W23.1019.9716.9013224030.02"782 1/2"3000*1700*2250(A) 2200*1500*1800(W)
Note:" A" means air cooling," W" means water cooling.