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300bar Portable High Pressure Fire Fighting, Scuba Diving Breathing Filling Pump

Portable Mobile Breathing Air Compressor

Rocky RKH150~680 series is a world-class portable and mobile breathing air compressor.

Rugged, compact and flexible, it can be easily put into the tail compartment of a car. With its global excellent quality, it is loved by miniature fire stations, chemical industry, labor protection, and personal diving personnel.

Wide range of applications: diving, firefighting, shipbuilding, medical treatment, shooting, maritime, fishery, gas assist, etc.


Performance characteristics

High air volume and high strength black plastic nylon blade

High pressure coil condensing three-stage compression main engine, splash lubrication

Output hose oil-filled shock-resistant pressure gauge (installed on the inflation hose valve).

High-quality air intake filter, built-in micron foldable filter element

Reliable, fatigue- and durability-tested high-pressure oil-water separator and end air purifier assembly

Optimize high-quality frame design of sheet metal frame

Hand-rotating oil-water separation pressure relief valve

High-efficiency filtration system can effectively purify the air, and the output reaches the EU

EN12021 breathing air standard

Long-life compressor host design, reasonable cylinder wear resistance matching at all levels

The lowest noise is about 86 decibels

Standard high-pressure resistant output hose, standard fire-fighting DIN 5/8 output, the highest output pressure is 330BAR.

Product specifications

With power cord and motor protection switch

Button with start and stop

Oil-water separator and filter adopt aluminum alloy integrated design

Metal frame structure has spray coating

The final safety valve provides overpressure protection

Stainless steel and aluminum alloy condenser tube

Activated carbon molecular sieve filter

Condensate drain valve


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